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Virtual Rehab, Coaching, & Custom Exercise Programs


Dr. Chelsea Barnes, PT, DPT

As a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and wife to a professional athlete, I am always "on the move.” 

My goal is to get YOU to

“B ON THE MOVE”, too!


Do you want to move better?
Eliminate pain with activities?​
Exercise smarter and more efficiently?

Prevent future injuries from occurring?

If so, you're in the right place!

I am here to get you moving AND feeling better...

all from the comfort of your OWN home!

I have developed this business in light of the pandemic and now I have the opportunity to work with clients from virtually anywhere!


Each session with me is always one-on-one,

individualized, and tailored to meet YOUR specific goals.


Let’s get started!


Virtual Services

Free Consultations

A complimentary 20 minute consultation to discuss what services would best fit your goals.

Virtual Movement Assessments

A one-on-one virtual movement assessment provided by Dr. Chelsea Barnes, PT, DPT, to objectively evaluate and identify limitations in order to create your individualized treatment program.


Home Exercise Programs

Personalized and printable home exercise programs tailored to your specific needs and resources with focus on mobility, proper form, and injury prevention.


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from virtually anywhere!


Check Out What Clients Are Saying


I work in the medical field as a Nurse Practitioner and I would HIGHLY recommend Chelsea's services to my patients, as well as my family! I can't thank Chelsea enough for all that she has helped me with. Virtual therapy has been very effective in helping me resolve the chronic pain I have been experiencing for years. Through our sessions, Chelsea was able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong and created a customized rehabilitation program for me that I could complete right from home. 

Diana F. | Sparta, NJ